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Sheriff says man was defending home
August 23, 2003
Prosecutor to decide whether homeowner should face charges. 
A Gardnerville homeowner should not be charged for fatally shooting an intruder Aug. 2 because he was defending his home and family, the Douglas County Sheriff's Office said in a report completed Thursday. 


Teen suspect in drive-by shooting arrested by Lyon County officials
March 25, 1999

The Lyon County gang task force has arrested a teen-ager in connection with a drive-by shooting in Mound House earlier this month. The teen's age and home town were not released. He has been booked into Carson City Juvenile Detention Center on charges of assault with a deadly weapon with a gun enhancement and a gang enhancement. Shots were fired after midnight March 13 at two vehicles parked at a Mound House home, reports said. No one was injured vehicles were damaged.


Woman wards off would be burglars
January 16, 2006

Reno police say a 22 year old woman armed with a shotgun thwarted the burglary plans of two men who kicked down her door.
The woman was sitting on her couch working on her computer when she heard a noise at her front door, according to a police report. She saw two men through her door's peephole and grabbed her shotgun and loaded and racked it, law enforcement officials said.
The doorknob turned and the door was kicked open. Both men stumbled inside to find the woman pointing the shotgun at them.
"Get the @#$% out of here the woman shouted. The pair then ran.

(Yea!!! That's how it's done!)










Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do I need a Concealed Carry Permit ?
  2. How do I apply for one ?
  3. What do I need for the class ?
  4. How much does it cost ?
  5. Where is the class ?
  6. How do I register for a class ?
  7. What kind of gun should I get?

Why do I need a permit ... ?

There are several good reasons to have a concealed weapons permit. First and foremost, it gives you the legal ability to carry a handgun anywhere in Nevada, and currently 17 other states. That provides you the ability to defend yourself and your family as you travel.

The ATF revoked the NICS exemption early in 2008, where your permit would exempt you from the $25 "Brady" check for gun purchases. The NICS exemption has been reinstated now, but only is good with permits issued after July of 2011.

Lastly, because you can. The more people take advantage of this law, the less likely the politicians will be to mess with it. While most people don't carry all the time, it is comforting to know you can if you feel the need.

It's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it...

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How do I apply for one ... ?

You will have to pick up an application package from the Sheriff of the county you reside in. If Washoe County, you can download and print it from the Training Courses page or the Sheriff's website.

Then, you will have to take a class like ours, and qualify with a handgun. Once you have the certificate of training, you take that and your application back to your Sheriff, get your fingerprints and mugshots taken and pay the fees to the Sheriff, currently $97.50 

After that, you just wait while your background investigation is completed. When that's done, you get the permit, or an explanation of denial. You can only be denied for very specific reasons outlined in the law. The permit is good for 5 years from the date of issuance.

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What do I need for the class ... ?

For our Basic class, if you want a Concealed Carry permit, you need to bring:

Bring any handgun you care to shoot. The new rules say you only need to shoot one handgun to be qualifed to carry any handgun.
2. Extra magazine for the semi auto, speedloader for a revolver. Useful but not    mandatory..
3. The state qualification requires 30 rounds for each gun. If you bring around 100 rounds, we will do some practical training after the qualification, if you wish to participate in that.
4. Holster if you have one, not mandatory for the basic class.
5. Eye and ear protection. Sunglasses or prescription glasses ok. We have earmuffs you can use.
6. Lunch and clothing for the weather.. we go rain or shine, snow or whatever.

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How much does it cost ?

The basic self defense class is $150. per person. If you are married and bring your spouse, we give you $50 off, which is $250 for the couple. We have always done this, because we think that if you have a gun, your wife (or husband)  should know how to use it, even if she/he doesn't want the permit.  No... any 2 people don't make a couple.. sorry.

We also give this class in a private lesson setting. It still is required to be an 8 hour class. A private class is $300 per person and the couple price is $500. It isn't cheap, but you are getting a full day of our time and all of our costs are included.

The Renewal class is $85. per person, and $150 for a couple.

A private renewal class is $175 ea. or $300 for a couple.

Want a private class for a small group of friends or family? Call us for a quote...

Private training is also available for $75 an hour plus range fees, currently $40. There is a 2 hr minimum for a private class.

We can now take credit cards at the class, but need to charge an extra 3% to cover our costs of accepting them. Check and cash is also fine. We also take PayPal payment thru our website.

Please DO NOT mail your payments to us. Bring it to the class with you if not using the credit card. 

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Where is the class ?

We do all of our training at the Sierra Firearms Academy Training Center located at 145 Isidor, Suite F in Spanish Springs. It's not far from the range where we do all of our shooting. About 12 miles north of I80 on Pyramid Hwy, Calle De La Plata is a cross street, the first going north after the highway narrows to 2 lanes.
Turn left or west there, and then right onto Isidor, then an immediate left into our parking lot. We are on the left end of the building. Click the image of the map to the left for a full size image.


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How do I sign up ?

Sign up online is the fastest and easiest way. Go to the Training Courses area and choose your class. Then click the Register Online! link.

No credit card required, just sign up information. You can pay by credit card at that time if you wish. or you can bring your cash or check to the class with you. We'll email you a confirmation of your reservation.

Or, you can call us at (775) 425-1678, and leave us your name and phone number, and we'll call back as soon as we can. Please be patient, sometimes we work long hours and can't always return calls the same day, but WE WILL call you back. We usually return calls in the evening, so give us a home or evening number, if possible.

More questions? Try the permit questions link.

If you can't find the answers, use the contact link and we'll get back to you !

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