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You might assume from this area that we are big supporters of the NRA.. You would be correct.

We are members, supporters, recruiters and Instructors.

Why? Because this is the only organization that is looking our for our rights in the bad times..

Sooner or later, "they" will get back in power and you know what that means.

The NRA has the clout to make a difference. The more members, the bigger the clout. So join and be counted.

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National Rifle Association  

Love 'em or not, the fact of the matter is they are the only one's out there standing up for our rights. If you own a gun and aren't a member of the NRA, then shame on you! Go join... NOW!! or did you vote for B.O.?

The gun grabbers whine about how powerful the NRA is, with just 4 million members... Just imagine if it were 40 million.  Problems solved..

NRA Institute for Legislative Action

Go here to find out what "they" are trying to do to us now...

NRA Insurance for Self Defense!

Protect yourself and family from legal expenses..

NRA Concealed Carry Reciprocity Guide

Here's the place to find out about carrying in other states.

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Nevada Laws

This takes you to the Nevada Revised Statutes index. You can find every law we have here in Nevada.

New version of the Concealed Carry Law

Here's the new version of the concealed carry law for 1999.Page down to 202.3653, and scan the prohibited places for where you can carry now.

United States Practical Shooting Association 

They are the governing body for IPSC in the United States. IPSC is an International Shooting Sport that is the most fun you can have with a gun. On this site you will find everything there is to know about IPSC. 

Western Nevada Pistol League

This is our local IPSC club's website. Take a look here for more info on the club and our monthly matches!

Leading Edge Threat Mitigation

If you are looking corporate solutions to workplace violence, weaponless self defense tactics, company training for security personnel or other empty hand techniques or training, we recommend you check with this company. We know this fellow and can recommend him!

Mark Fore & Strike

The best Reno Gun shop and Sporting goods store with a large selection of concealed carry Equipment. Family owned forever and personal service you won't get at the box stores. Highly recommended and we shop here too!

Dillion Precision

Shoot alot? Want to shoot more? Get a Dillon reloading machine. Absolutely the best I've seen and I have 2 of them!

The Dot Drill Is Here!

A shooters workout. Better description with pictures coming soon..

Lock, Stock & Barrel

Need some gunsmithing? This is the guy who fixes mine for me. Geoff Wise does good work. Give him a try!
Gene Shuey Custom Gunsmithing

Want a really nice custom 1911 or need some work on yours? Gene does great work and is in Carson City.

Single Action Shooting Society

The home of the Cowboy Action Shooters. Big fun, check it out!

The Gunfighter Zone

The website that covers all the old time stuff, fast draw too!

Mernickle Custom Holsters

Bob makes beautiful custom stuff.. I have his gear for Cowboy shooting. Have a look!

US Firearms Manufacturing

U.S. Fire Arms Mfg. Co., Hartford, CT, USA - Leading, Made in USA, manufacturer of 19th century guns and rifles - including the Single Action Revolver, US Pre-War, Lightning Magazine Rifle and the Cowboy Action Rodeo.

Nevada Shooters

 A new forum website by and for Nevada Shooters. Check it out and see what you can find of interest here!


    Keep And Bear Arms                

We don't usually sell anything but training, but I am a believer in the Cmore system. I have owned several and used them extensively in competition, as well as on service weapons, and still do. Mike is a dealer now for Cmore, so check them out, then contact me and see if I can save you a few bucks.