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Text of HR218

HR218 qualifications

Gone are the days when you had to qualify with every single gun you wanted on your permit. No longer do you have to even shoot one of each type.. If you have a permit, you are grandfathered in and can carry any handgun. So, no qualifications for add ons are needed anymore. If you have a special need, of course we will qualify you, just let us know.

Our classes are done at the Training Center, and we will only be at the range during scheduled times. Qualification dates and times are listed on the schedule page. 

HR218 (LEOSA) only:

Now you are only required to shoot one handgun of either type to qualify. Bring whatever you would like to qualify with. We will give you the paperwork to take back to the Sheriff for your card proving you have met the requirements. The fee for this is $20.

Please let us know by email if you plan to come out and what day, and we can then let you know if there are any changes for that day.


See you on the Range..