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Specific permit questions

How long is the permit good for?       
          5 Years

What county Sheriff do I apply to?     
          The Sheriff of the county you reside in.

I am a non-resident of Nevada. Can I get a permit there?
          Yes. Same as for residents.

Where do I apply as a non resident?
In the same county where you take the class.

Is the non resident requirements the same as for residents?
Yes, everything is the same.

How many guns can I list on my permit?
          New! Guns are no longer listed on your permit.

Do you provide certification for the Utah or Florida permits?
         Sorry, we no longer do outside state training. Since so many states now accept the NV permit, it is no longer needed for most people.

If I take the class, how long is your certificate good for to apply?
The Sheriff will honor our certificate for exactly 1 year.

Do I need to bring any paperwork to the class for you to sign?
No. We provide you the certificate you need.

Does the Sheriff want serial numbers of my guns?
NO.. No gun information is taken anymore.

Do I have to register my guns in Nevada?
Nowhere except in Las Vegas...

What do I have to do to renew my permit?
You must take the renewal class and re apply to the Sheriff.

What happens if my permit expires before I renew?
The Sheriff gets an extra $15 late fee. If more than 120 days late,
           you will have to take the 8 hour class again.

How long expired can I be before I have to start the process over?
120 days.

How long does it take to get the new or renewed permit?
We have been hearing around 100 days lately. The Sheriff has 120 days by law.

How early can I begin the renewal process?
The Sheriff will accept your application 120 day early, no more.

How early can I take the class then?
          You can take the class up to 1 year before your expiration.

What other states will honor my Nevada permit?
See the "Reciprocity Page" link on the Training page for a list.