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What Differentiates Us? 
Ask anyone who has taken our classes. 

"I refer everyone who is even considering CCW training to you. It was the best money I ever spent."

"I have been shooting since I was about eight years old, and thought I was an expert. Your class showed me how much I really didn't know. Thank you."

"I took the basic training class. Wow! These guys really know their stuff. Anyone who is serious about self defense and/or handguns should take this class."

"Hello Mike, 
Just wanted to thank you for your tactical expertise and firearms training. You are, handsdown, the best Law Enforcement/handgun shooter/instructor on the planet! Your tactical knowledge and teaching techniques have improved my ability to shoot and instruct also. 
Matt McLearn
1993 I.P.S.C. World Champion 
1993 U.S.P.S.A. National Champion

"VERY thought-provoking, informative and FUN class; I'll recommend you guys to all I can."

This is why you need to choose wisely. There are a lot of very unqualified people out there claiming to be Firearms Instructors...

Gun teacher accidentally shot student

Published: May 7, 2009 at 5:34 PM

PONTIAC, Mich., May 7 (UPI) -- Police said a Michigan concealed weapons teacher accidentally shot a student in the face during a demonstration.

Investigators said the 74-year-old teacher accidentally discharged a bullet from a .38-caliber Smith and Wesson revolver at about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday during a class in Oakland County, WDIV-TV, Detroit, reported Thursday.

The bullet ricocheted off a table and struck a 52-year-old student in the face. The student was taken to Troy Beaumont Hospital to receive treatment for non-life threatening injuries.

The teacher told investigators he thought the gun was loaded with plastic bullets.

Police said the shooting is being treated as accidental and no charges have been filed.

Why are we the most qualified to teach
 so important a subject?

Mike Robbins and Dave Keller are your instructors at the Sierra Firearms Academy. We were the primary, full time Police Firearms Instructors for two of Nevada's largest Law Enforcement agencies for over  28 years combined. Mike retired from the WCSO in 2004 after nearly 27 years of service. Dave retired from RPD in 2006 with over 30 years.

Together we were responsible for the basic and continuing firearms and tactics education for over 800 sworn Police Officers, including special teams.  We also taught the High Sierra Police Academy firearms, and other skills. Combined, we have nearly 60 years of Law Enforcement experience, over 47 years of SWAT experience and over 50 years of teaching firearms skills. And, we have taught a few thousand civilians their shooting skills too. We are both very skilled shooters, Mike is a USPSA Master Class shooter.

We teach a POST certified LE Firearms Instructor course, meaning we teach and certify others to be Firearms Instructors.

We are certified Instructors in Handgun, Shotgun, Rifle and Submachineguns, by H&K, NRA and numerous others.  Certified Armorer's for H&K, Glock, Sig Sauer, Beretta, Remington, Smith & Wesson, Ruger and more...

This is what we do, and all we do. Who do you want to learn the most critical skills you'll ever need from? Do you want accurate legal information from those who know? Or is something less good enough? Our training is street learned and proven, not "theory" or something read in a gun magazine. We have been there and done that, so know what we are talking about..

Anyone can get an instructors certificate by taking just one class, but what knowledge & experience comes with it? What do you suppose they really know about it? Lot's of people can teach you how to shoot, but it's WHEN to shoot that really counts.

Your choice is clear...

We train in a professional new training facility, and a professional range facility. We are not the cheapest guys in town, but you will get what you pay for.  We have been in this business continuously since 1994 serving Northern Nevada shooters. We will be here for the next 10 years or so too. 

Ask around and check us out. See you on the range.

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