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Basic Self Defense Class 

This is the class you need if you want to apply for a Nevada concealed weapons permit. This is also the best class for the beginner with handguns, even if you are not interested in getting a permit. If you are really new to this, we make sure you get the attention you need to make you comfortable and confident.

Ladies, there are always other ladies in the class. We go out of our way to make sure you are comfortable in our classes. We can also do a special ladies only class for you and your friends. Contact us for details.

This is an 8 hour class, with about 6 hours of classroom followed by another 2 hours of shooting exercises. 

Topics covered in this class are:

  • Safety
  • Use of force and the law
  • Weapon handling skills
  • Tactics
  • Carrying your weapon
  • Legal issues
  • Test & Qualification
  • Street proven combat drills (If time permits)

And much more. Questions answered by Law Enforcement professionals who know.

For this class you need to bring:

Bring any handgun you care to shoot, either auto or revolver. That will qualify you for all.
The state mandated qualification takes 30 rds for each gun. Reloads OK.
If you bring about 100 rounds, we will do some practical training after the qualification, if you want to participate. Not required. (Time permitting)
Eye and ear protection. (Regular glasses ok, earplugs or muffs)
Extra magazines or speedloaders useful, not mandatory.
Holster if you have one, also not mandatory.
Clothes for the weather, a hat is good.  Our classes go on rain or shine.
Lunch if you want it, we have a microwave at the training center you can use.


Basic Self Defense Class and Concealed Permit

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Price:  $150. per person          (Group classes only)         

Price:  $250. for you and your spouse in the same class.                        (Group classes only)  See the FAQ page for private class rates.