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Make sure your Instructor knows what he's doing. No second chances with guns..

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.  A southern Missouri sheriff and several weapons experts are examining the safety of classes required to obtain a concealed weapons permit after the accidental shooting death of a man during the class.

Glenn Seymour, 63, accidentally shot himself in the chest earlier this month in Douglas County while trying an advanced firing technique with a weapon he wasn't familiar with using.

"I think we're looking at an issue of the course of fire he was teaching," Douglas County Sheriff Chris Degase told the Springfield News-Leader. "Is it consistent with where these folks were in their training? ... In a concealed carry class, you're dealing with a lot of people who have little to no training."

The Springfield News-Leader reported that Seymour was right-handed, but was practicing drawing a semiautomatic 9 mm handgun with his left hand, taking the safety off and shooting.

Paul Richard Williams, who was teaching the class, called Seymour's death a "tragic accident."


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November 30, 2012

For anyone wanting the best training available, Sierra Firearms Academy is the place. Their combined years of experience is just incredible and, impeccable. The Class is fun, exciting, and very serious. A friend recommended them to me and I had to wait a little longer to save for the cost, but well worth YOUR life. My Son is a SPECOP's MP that just returned from Afghanistan and other Countries I can't mention, anyways, I read through the bio with him and he agreed that Sierra Firearms is the place to go. Don't learn to carry like a junkyard dog, go with the very best in Northern Nevada.

Keith White

June 12, 2011

Dear Dave and Mike,

Thank you very much for your superb (as always) training yesterday. The biggest privilege to me about the job, and what I miss most, was being afforded to work with the consummate professionals that you guys are. Great class. I hope to see you guys again soon.

Take care you guys, and be safe.



November 07, 2010

Mike and Dave-

Thanks for the great course.

Your CCW class was highly recommended by a family friend. I've become accustomed to the high level of quality that these folks demand, but in all honesty your service went beyond my expectations.

The curriculum was concise and the presentation was easy to digest, from basic mechanics to administration of force to a broad spectrum of possible handling of worst-case situations. You delivered a great package of information and you provided the space to generate good questions and make qualified choices.

The firing line qualification was organized and managed efficiently in a non threatening atmosphere. My classmates ranged from homemakers with elementary firearms knowledge to seasoned hunters.

Everyone had a great time on the firing line.

I was especially impressed at how you handled the client whose brand new pistol completely malfunctioned. The years of LE Armorer definitely brought a light of professionalism to the situation, and the student continued to qualify with their other handguns with comfort and confidence.

I am sure you will keep up the good work. Expect me to return the good spirit by way of good referrals any time the topic of NV CCW or firearms handling classes comes up - y'all run a top-shelf effort and I appreciate it!



October 3, 2010

Mike & Dave, It was important to me that I send a brief comment regarding your classroom instructions in addition to the personal attention on the range. My wife and daughter had taken your class a few weeks earlier than my class and raved about how patient you both were as it related to people that didn't have a lot of experience with handling and shooting guns. They were very pleased with the entire experience. I too decided to take the class along with my son-in-law. We can both attest to the professionalism of your instructions. The added real life experiences you shared truly had an impact as to situations that can and do happen to folks. The mental side was very valuable.

You both were outstanding.

Thanks for your sharing your life experiences with the added benefit of teaching us proper gun handling.


Sept 13, 2010

My husband and I took your course on Saturday Sept.11 we were so impressed with your knowledge and skilled training we just wanted to say thank you and I am so very please with my money being well spent and my safety training so thoroughly presented thank you again Mike and Dave you guys rock (for a couple of old dudes :)

Carrie and David

July 31, 2010

I just completed the training course and it was outstanding. I have fired a gun before, but you guys showed me a better grip, a better way to stand so that I hit the target every time. I was very pleased with the safety instructions, also. It was great.

Thank you.


March 19, 2010

Mike & Dave,

I wanted to drop you guys a note and let you know how much I enjoyed the class. Very welcoming, comfortable (especially for the first time shooters), informative and comprehensive. The trip to the range was, again, spot on. Having been around firearms most of my life I know for many the experience of shooting can be awkward. You guys were in control and made everyone relax and have a good time.

Yesterday I drove back to Reno and dropped off all my paperwork at the sheriff's office. My application is in process. Thank you for what you are doing. Keep it up!

In His service

Mike Novak

May 15, 2009

Dear Dave & Mike, we spent last Saturday (May 9th) with you learning not to become victims. Your self- defense class was so professional, informative, and well done. Husband John hasn't used a weapon in nearly 45 years as a captain in the USAF in southeast Asia. Until our gun purchases three weeks ago, I had never even held a gun. This experience with you both had been the further most thing from my mind, but times are changing...and not for the better. If I had known what a rush that first trigger pull would be, I would have added it to my "bucket list." Thank you for your patient and gentle instruction at the firing range for this novice. We will definitely recommend Sierra Firearms to anyone who is interested. We so appreciate your efforts in making us more confident in a confrontational situation.

Jan & John

March 24, 2009

Neal & I took the Basic/CFA class on 3/14 with you & Mike. Great class! The class was informative and enjoyable at the same time. You two are funny as h--- and totally politically incorrect. How refreshing! Thanks for a wonderful day and getting us prepared to fight the bad guys. Janice & Neal

February 10. 2009

Dave and Mike,

Just wanted to thank you both for the great experience I enjoyed in attending your training class on 2/7/09. The classroom content provided excellent information on the basic concepts of personal protection / firearms handling, and was presented in a friendly, sometimes humorous, yet serious and professional manner. Thanks again!


October 26, 2008


Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience, you're an excellent instructor and a great guy. You made my wife and I feel comfortable immediately and we left your class informed, more confident and fired up to go practice. It's awesome learning from a real pro. We'll make sure to spread the word about your company and we'll be back for more.

Warm Regards,

Terry & Jeaneen

August 8, 2008

Mike and Dave

I took your class in the Spring of 2007. You did a magnificent job of not only teaching the nuts and bolts of carrying a firearm in public, but more importantly when you are justified in using it.

I have been around firearms and hunted my entire life and thought I knew most of it. Boy was I wrong. Because of your expert instruction and ability to make everyone feel comfortable in your class - I walked away with more knowledge and empowerment than I had previously.

Now when I am around town with my 23 month old son, I feel that his safety is truly provided for.

I will whole heartedly continue to recommend your class to every person I know - beginner or not.

Thank You


August 2, 2008

The 8-2-08 basics program my daughter took was excellent, as usual. Dave and Mike are very experienced professionals, and provide a comprehensive and thorough course. I'm very appreciative of their expertise and interest in providing such excellent training programs. Thank you!


June 29, 2008

Hey Guys,

    Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how awesome class was yesterday.  I learned a lot, and had more fun than I can say.  I will be hitting the range today to practice the stuff we went over.  I will certainly come back for more training with you.  Thanks so much for a really sweet day!
Jen :o)

June 3, 2008

Mike & Dave,

Lynne & I had an excellent experience taking your class last weekend. We came away feeling knowledgeable and prepared. Your training style lends itself to really learning the material. We both work for the State, take a lot of training, you two do a great job.

Sincerely, Ed Foster

28 April 2008

Hello Mike,

Thanks again for the great class!  Jamie and Shwin really appreciated the extra attention that you and Dave gave them during the shooting portion.  It definitely made them feel more comfortable around guns. I will be recommending your classes to as many people as possible and I am sure my whole group will be doing the same.  It was worth every penny!  Thanks again! 

Justin Thomsen

20 April 2008

Hey Mike and Dave,

We just wanted to thank you SO much for the fabulous tactical class last week. Everything you covered built on the next exercise and you brought it all together at the end. We learned all the fundamentals and most importantly that we need to continuously practice each one. We look forward to coming back at least once a year for continuing our education.

You guys absolutely ROCK!

Thanks and see you in a few months!

Carol and Tom Roberts

16 February 2008

Hey Mike and Dave,
Just wanted to say thank you both so much for all of your education, expertise, and insight; my class was a truly unique and enlightening experience and my gratitude for your time and dedication cannot be understated.  Teaching citizens the nuts and bolts of carrying a loaded weapon in public is no minor task nor should it be approached lightly.  I can honestly say that after having taken your class I not only feel much better about my own carry of a firearm, but will rest a little more soundly at night knowing at least the fellow students with whom I attended your class have been given enough expert education and safety guidelines that they won't be more of a danger to me or society at large than the criminal element against which we arm ourselves to start with.  Too often I see more and more "concealed carry experts" with no formal training holding CCW classes at bargain basement prices, and all I can say is you get what you pay for, and I certainly got more than my money's worth from you and Dave.  I know you both are in this business to provide the best firearms education available, because instead of trying to make a quick buck, you are trying to help ordinary citizens defend themselves safely and responsibly, because after all, you walk the same streets as all the students you turn loose on them with a loaded weapon.  Once again, thank you for all you have done for me, and I would send everyone I know to your course in a heartbeat, and will do my level best to do exactly that.
Steven G. Harris

5 November 2007

Mike and Dave,

I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our training that past Saturday.  In fact, I want to tell you a funny story.

About three hours into the class, my wife Tamera - who was actually a bit reluctant to devote a whole day to the class and wasn't particularly excited about it - wrote something on her notepad and then showed it to me.  What she wrote and showed me was: "Hon, this is cool!!!"  I think by the end of the day, she had enjoyed the training even more than me, and I enjoyed it a lot.

Since I'm a firm believer that you learn by doing, I've already started practicing some of the dry firing drills we learned in your class.  I've also already adopted your taught habit of always checking a firearm to see if it is loaded, even if it is a firearm that I recently handled.  That is a habit I'll now never forget because of the hilarious "cat story" you told in class (well, hilarious to us ... I'm sure it wasn't funny to the poor individuals involved).

Again, thanks for a wonderful class.

Best regards,

5 November 2007

Just wanted to thank you for class Jan and I took with you on November 3rd. We thought you did a wonderful job and appreciated the fact that you kept everyone on track so that the class was not overcome with unnecessary and repeated questions. The class flowed nicely, had lots of information and answered many questions. The instruction was confident and professional. Thanks again for a wonderful day.


11 October 2007


Kathy and I want to thank you for a great class last Saturday (Oct. 6th).  It was our first handgun (or any gun for that matter) training class ever and going in we were honestly nervous.  You and Dave did a fantastic job.  You both were so professional, insightful, and quite honestly, passionate, that we ended the day simply delighted with the experience.

Thanks again for sharing a bit of your wisdom with us.  We have great respect for what you and Dave do, and also appreciate your public service.

Best Regards,
Frank & Kathy
Captives in the Republic of Kalifornia

12 October 2007

Dave and Mike,

I took the CCW class last weekend. It was outstanding. Thank you so much.


13 May 2007

Dave and Mike,

I just wanted to thank you guys and let you know how much I enjoyed the class. I appreciated the instruction and especially enjoyed the time out on the range! My permit application has been filed and I have re-joined the NRA as you suggested. Hopefully I can take another more advanced shooting class soon.


24 October 2006

Thank you so much for your time and for sharing your techniques with us at the advanced pistol class on October 22, 2006. My companion and myself had a great time, honed skills and learned new ones. We both appreciated your low keyed but very effective teaching approach. I still hate those steel plates but next time I will teach them a thing or two.

Thanks again. See you next time.


04 June 2006

Dave & Mike,

Just wanted to say thanks again for the awesome training. As a career Military Officer, I have had firearms training in one form or another from Navy Rangemasters, Marine Corps Instructors, Navy Seals and the FBI, but your teaching methods, techniques & combined experience have, in my opinion,  been the best I've seen so far. I look forward to working with you in the Advanced Course soon!


Brian F.  LCDR USN

10 May 2006

Hi, Mike! Can't thank you enough for the private lesson for my husband's CCW this past Monday, 5/8/06. For anybody concerned about physical limitations precluding their ability to qualify, they need to contact you. Don is still excited about the very positive experience & is eagerly awaiting his new CCW permit.

4 April 2006

Dave and Mike:

My wife Joanne, myself, and our friends Frank Gallagher and Susan LaPraire really enjoyed the Concealed Weapons Training last Saturday. The material and presentation were excellent and both of you made what could be very dull information into a very informative and 'lively' experience. Frank and I are in the process of bringing more family and friends to your training.

Harry and Joanne

13 Feb 2006

I took the class along with my husband on 2/11/06. It was very informative. Both instructors, Mike & Dave taught us different aspects on what it means to carry a concealed weapon. It brought the fact home to me that it is a big responsibility. For me the most important part was that we need to get more familiar with our weapons, if ever we should be in a situation to have to use them, or they could be used against us. On the firing range, both men were always there to offer help, in loading and firing. What an awesome responsibility to have to keep an eye on 17 or more newbies handling all manner of fire arms.

Dave, thank you for your professionalism in extracting a round for me that I was sure I had left in the chamber, and for a moment couldn't figure out how to get it out. You caught that right away, and didn't make me feel like an ass. I also enjoyed the part in the classroom about how to reload quickly.

Mike, I enjoyed your humor on all the facts we needed to know to get our permits. Your stories helped a lot in making them stick in our minds. We never did get to find out what happened to the lady that held off an intruder with her 38, though. Ha Ha. Or I should say, what happened to the intruder?

Anyway, I now have a lot more respect for law enforcement officers, and want to extend my thanks for your service to the public out there every day, past present and future.


Sharon & Jerry

03 Feb 2006

Anyone who lives in Northern NV and is interested in CCW or defensive shooting should check these guys out!  I recommend them with NO reservations.  And what could be better if you ever get into a "situation", that you could say that you have been trained by the the guys who have trained the Reno PD and Washoe Sheriff's office!

Mike and Dave both have a real, lifetime of SWAT and street cop experience.  When I first went to their basic CCW class they spent a lot of time talking about the real life situations were you could be involved in a shooting situation but, do you want to?  A VERY insightful CCW class.  These are the only guys I recommend for handgun training in NV.  I have since been through a number of their other classes and I always get a lot more than I expected, both in the field shooting and in thoughtful conversation!  Check out the "Advanced Handgun" class.


16 Oct 2005

Hi Mike,
Just a note to thank you for the excellent instruction and overall experience.  You and Dave are great instructors and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Thanks again,

09 Jul 2005

Mike Robbins and Dave Keller are consummate professionals who know their weapons and how to use them safely, and impart that information in classroom and range settings without becoming pedantic. I found the 7/9/2005 Basic CCW class fun, informative and most enjoyable.


11 Jun 2005

Mike and Dave,

I just finished your Basic course today. I had a wonderful time, learned more than I thought I would in eight hours, and feel much more confident that I can protect myself. Your teaching style is extremely engaging. I would recommend this course even to women who don't own guns, just for the information Mike gave on what happens to you during a crisis, what to expect and how to compensate for it, and the information from Dave on close quarters defense, and most importantly -- when to leave a situation.

The tactical stories were great in helping to understand the reasons for all the rules, and the technical information for clearing up any confusion.

An awesome class that I will recommend to everyone that I know.

Tracy M.

08 May 2005

Mike and Dave did a fantastic job of accommodating me in obtaining my LEOSA (HR 218) certification. As always they are the consummate professionals. Outstanding instruction and range qualification.

Alan Mentzer

Reno Police Sergeant (Ret.)

10 Jan 2005

Thanks again for the information and training two provided an excellent training experience....and I have been in the training and development side of business with major (top 10 corp.) businesses for over 20 years, so I know of what I speak. I know how much time, attention to detail and effort it takes to make a training event successful.

Daniel Scinto

15 Nov 2004

Cmndr. Mike,

Phil here, just wanted to thank you guys for one helluva grand time Sat. I don't have Dave's email or I'd have put him in this as well, but you can tell him that was one of the best experiences myself and Tricia have ever had.

VERY thought-provoking, informative and FUN class; I'll recommend you guys to all I can.

Thanks again and have a great week!!

-Phil and Tricia 

18 Oct 2004

Hi Mike,

Just wanted to let you know that Judi and I really enjoyed your class. You had lots of useful information and your presentation was interesting and well paced. Your extensive background in regional law enforcement gives you excellent credentials for this course. Judi and I also appreciated the sense of humor exhibited by both you and Dave, as well as your patience with all of us students.

Since your class, I have taken the opportunity to visit the shooting range on weekends in order to brush up my skills (I didn't know about the shooting range until I took your class).

Anyway, thanks again to both of you. I look forward to seeing you again in the near future.

Michael Henry

09 Oct 2004

I can't remember when six and a half hours of classroom instruction has ever gone by so fast. That was both interesting and captivating. I had no idea that I would receive instruction from two people so eminently qualified. Thank you both for a very memorable day. I look forward to continued training when it becomes available.
Take care, Keith

23 Nov 2003

Mike and Dave;

WowWeeeee!! What a great class you guys put on!! I learned alot and had a ball. I was HIGH all the way home. I had to stop at Starbucks right before I80 there to buy a large coffee-not to drink- but to dip my fingers into. HeeHee! I might suggest that a thermos of HOT coffee be on the required equipment list for the winter classes. Anyway, the highlight of the class was that last hour of defensive shooting drills. I have been shooting for years, but have never had any formal training in defensive skills and in that short period of time I felt I got some great basics. It certainly wet my appetite. Please put me on the mailing or E-mail list for the spring intermediate class. Meanwhile I have alot of practicing to do.

Thanks again and have great holidays!


18 Jan 2003

Jan 18/03 Hello Mike, Just wanted to thank you for your tactical expertise and firearms training. You are, handsdown, the best Law Enforcement/handgun shooter/instructor on the planet! Your tactical knowledge and teaching techniques have improved my ability to shoot and instruct also. take care, Matt McLearn 1993 I.P.S.C. World Champion 1993 U.S.P.S.A. National Champion

July 14, 2002

I just completed my renewal class.

I would highly recommend Sierra Firearms Academy. Dave and Mike are both obviously experienced marksmen and have the advantage of being active police officers in our community. I appreciate the patience and teaching methods both of these men incorporate in their instruction. I particularly enjoyed the classroom dialogue on laws and scenarios that are real and possible. Their instruction is appropriate for the beginner as well as the veteran handgunner. This class was to renew my carry permit. I also attended the basic class from Sierra Firearms Academy. And - I intend to take my future renewal (2007) from them again.

06 Jun 2001

As a former student of your program, I thought you would be interested in this information.

See, I like to hunt dangerous game, i.e. wild boar & bear, and large game, i.e. Asian water buffalo, elk (where allowed), etc. with a handgun (namely Desert Eagle .50 AE or 440 Cor Bon). Using a short barreled (6 in.) handgun, I have to get close, and your teachings actually may have saved my life on one wild boar hunt. The 965 pound beast jumped out of the brush, surprising my guide and myself at less than 7 yards! My guide took off running, but being a large person, knowing I couldn't run, I stood my ground, drew my .50 AE, and focusing on the kill zone, I was able to drop the charging boar before he could get me. He dropped less than 3 yards away!

Thanks for your time and service.

Chris Weilburg NRA Member

20 May 2001

Thanks for the great class on 5/19. You managed to present a great deal of information both on the law & the handling of firearms in a way that was fun & easy to understand. In fact, on my way home, I stopped to replenish my ammunition & recommended you to a couple looking for training. I've also recommended you to a lady I work with.

Candy Morganson Incline Village, NV

18 Feb 2001

My Wife and I have gone through two classes with SFA and Enjoyed Them Tremendously! First One was a Private Class with Mike Robbins and the second was a Group Class taught by Both Mike and Dave. We are Looking Forward to the advanced classes Coming this Spring!

Bottom Line Folks "It Doesn't get any BETTER than This! "

Bill & Loretta C.

04 Dec 2000

I took the basic training class. Wow! These guys really know their stuff. Anyone who is serious about self defense and/or handguns should take this class.

Mike Crenshaw

14 Nov 2000

I just wanted to compliment you and Dave on your CCW renewal course. You presented A LOT of excellent 
information and advice. I've been shooting for 28 years and I learned A LOT from your course. You were 
both very professional and it shows that you like people.

Take care, Ed 

30 Jan 2000

Great Class, Guys!

I learned more from you about self defense in the one day with than the previous 20 years of living. The two of you gave me the confidence and shooting training that will allow me to better protect my family. Thanks!!!!! John P. McDivitt

17 Jan 2000

I attended your class on January 8. Your collective efforts in dealing with the subject matter was most professional. The various topics discussed were presented in a manner that continually emphasized safety and the practical aspects of gun handling, responsibility, and what a beginner should continually be mentally processing when in possession of a firearm. I highly recommend the class to anyone interested in handguns and their use in any situation. Please keep your web-site updated as to the timing of the intermediate class. Again, many thanks. Scott M.


My husband, Mark, and I attended your class on Sat. October 16, 1999 - which incidentally was my Birthday!! We had a great time and learned a lot!! I have been surrounded by guns all my life, learning to hunt at age 8. We both enjoy hunting deer, antelope, chuckars and other assorted birds. We shoot skeet, trap and sporting clays -- sometimes competitively - but always for fun.

We took this class to become more familiar with our pistols and to learn safety and the rules and regs pertaining to carrying a concealed weapon. Both of you, Dave Keller and Mike Robbins, are extremely knowledgeable and made the learning a pleasure.

Thank you both!! Marsha





I took my first CCW class from Reno Gun Works. There was no class room instruction ,nothing regarding the law, and nothing about when it is okay, not okay to use your firearm, just shooting. He was really rude in his conversation. The class at Sierra Firearms Academy was 100% better. The class room instruction was great (a must for this kind of class) The firing line instruction was awesome. Mike, Dave, keep up the excellent work....Gary


I recently completed your class for CCW (June 5, 1999), which I feel has been one of the most important and informative classed that I have ever taken. A soon as time allows (hopefully mid-August or Sept.), I am planning to take your "Intermediate" class.

Best regards, John Leonard


I went to the class expecting 2 stiff necked cops to stand in front of the class and quote Nevada law. Instead, I was educated and entertained. The format used was easy to follow and very relaxed yet focused. Excellent job!

Mike Coleman




Mike and Dave, I first took your basic class about two years ago later that year I took the advanced class. Both were well worth it. Also lots of fun. I liked it so much when my dad needed a class for his CCW I not only recommended you, but I took the basic class again with him for a refresher, thank you both for the quality training and a good time. Jeff Grill



Just wanted to say thanks again for a great time yesterday. Obviously, I need a little work on the strong hand only "dot drill", or buy myself a left hand holster. It was an eye opening experience, lots of things you went over in the class I hadn't even thought about. Great class well worth the money and looking forward to the advanced class.

Would you please post the "dot drill" on the web site when you get a chance. I need practice.


Dale Lynch



Great Class !

I have a lot to work on ! Looking forward to the Advanced Class.

Please post the black dot shooting practice. Can not remember all the sequence.

Thanks again, Greg Wimmer


Mike and Dave......I enjoyed the class on May 18. I will recommend it to my friends and family. Both of you made it fun but also to the point... be responsible gun owners. Thanks again. Donn


Mike and Dave--Just a note to tell you how much we enjoyed the Basic Handgun class yesterday, 5/15. It was informative and fun. Although the class was large, you made everyone feel as though they were getting personal attention. We look forward to taking more classes in the future. Thanks for a great day! Kim and Scott


Mike and Dave, Just wanted to comment on what a great class you teach. I had no idea of all aspects that go into a CCW class. I really look forward to taking your intermediate class, and hope that I can send some business your way. Rob Gilbert


I comment on the quality of your CCW class that I just took on 4-24-99. When I talked with my father and friends in Clark County about their CCW classes, they said that they got a very cursory education on the law, and just shot their weapons. I am glad that your class actually discussed the law, and allowed me to get a personal understanding of it, and my use of the CCW permit. I would also like to thank you for giving me a very informative class on firearms usage. I have been shooting since I was about eight years old, and thought I was an expert. Your class showed me how much I really didn't know. Thank you.


I took the Beginner's class on 2/2799 - in preparation for obtaining my CWP. Though the temperature was a little low, Mike and Dave hosted one of the most informative and enjoyable Saturdays I've had in a long time. I'm looking forward to augmenting my firearms training with the Sierra Firearms Academy in future classes. Many thanks Mike and Dave. Peter C.


Mike- I wanted to give you public feedback about your CCW training. Both myself and girlfriend took one-on-one training by you (of course on different days). I had not done any shooting for years. Jennifer had not ever fired any weapon. You made us both feel at ease, and safe. Because of where we live, the nature of our jobs, and the late hours, we are at higher risk for freaky people. I know Jennifer is safer. I feel sorry for the fool that thinks either of us is an easy mark. I refer everyone who is even considering CCW training to you. It was the best money I ever spent. When my schedule calms down, I am looking forward to more training and even trying competitive shooting. Christopher