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What Caliber??














What Brand??

What kind of gun should I get?

People ask us all the time what they should buy for concealed carry. Should I buy an auto, or a revolver? Well, the answer is, it depends. It depends on you, and whether you are a mechanically oriented type of person, or mechanically challenged.. Whether you are willing to put in alot of practice time, or not.

If you are in the first category, and don't have any problem with mechanical things, and are willing to put in the practice time.. Then the semi auto pistol might be for you. If you are a gun person already, and know something about pistols, then your choice is made easier. The pistol requires a commitment from you to thoroughly understand it, and all it's operating controls. You must know how to clear malfunctions instantly, and be able to operate it by feel in the dark.

If you are the mechanically challenged person, and are not able or willing to put in the time practicing, then the revolver is for you. They are simple and reliable, easy to operate and only have one button on them. The trade off between auto and revolver is capacity of ammo. When you grab a loaded revolver, you need only know how to pull the trigger. There are no safety levers to remember, and malfunctions are cleared by pulling the trigger again. For you, I recommend a S&W Chief Special type, .38 revolver.

What Caliber?

This is the age old question that has been argued over since guns began.. No matter how I answer this one, somebody will want to argue.
When choosing a self defense gun for concealed carry, many factors have to be considered. For example:

Why do I want a gun? Am I in an unusually high risk situation? Or, just for insurance? Where am I going to carry it, and will I always be carrying it?
What sort of carry rig am I going to use, hip holster? Fanny pack? Purse?
What sort of clothes will I wear when carrying? Can I comfortably hide a big gun, or do I need a small one?

The answer to the question is simple.

RULE #1 of gunfighting.. Bring a gun.

Choose the largest caliber that you will CARRY. The trade off is bigger caliber = bigger gun. A .45 will do you no good in your drawer at home. If a .38 is practical for you to carry everyday, then that's the caliber for you. If you will carry a .40 everywhere you go, then that's better still. If all you can muster is a 22, then take it. 22's have stopped alot of fights over the years.

In spite of what all the gun rags will tell you, the placement of your shot is infinitely more important than the size of the bullet. If you can shoot a 9mm well, but not a .45, then carry a 9mm!

My choice is simple. I want the smallest gun, with the highest capacity and caliber that I can shoot well, and conveniently carry all the time. And then I carry it!

What Brand?

When it comes to choosing a brand of pistol, I get pretty picky. It seems that the gun world is one place where you truly DO get what you pay for.

I ask you to answer this question: How much is my life worth?

Do I want to trust my life to a gun that was made somewhere I can't pronounce, because it was half the price of the big names? Gee, this gun looks exactly like that other one, and it's only half as much money.....

I suggest you get the very best equipment you can afford. You usually can't go wrong with the big name companies like, Glock, Sig, Beretta, Smith & Wesson, Heckler & Koch, Colt, Springfield, Kimber and others. If you are happy with a $100 gun, so be it. I hope you never need to use it. A good quality gun, new, will run anywhere from $400 up, depending on the type and model.      Choose wisely...